Note [10/09/2022]: the records will be updated shortly once missing National and State results have been obtained.

About our Records ...

Swimming ACT has two series of records: ACT Allcomers and ACT Residents. Both record types come as short course (swum in a course of 25 metres) and long course (swum in a course of at least 50 metres).

An ACT Allcomers record is a record set by a swimmer competing at a meet held within the recognised boundaries of Swimming ACT (the ACT, Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Crookwell) which is conducted under the control of Swimming ACT or one of its governing bodies: NSW Swimming, Swimming Australia or FINA.

An ACT Resident record is a record set by a swimmer who is a member of an Swimming ACT affiliated body at a meet under the control of a body coming under the jurisdiction of FINA at which the rules of the governing body have reasonably been applied.

The short course records are being revamped. The first revised version of the ACT Short Course Records was posted on June 14, 2004. Unfortunately it has not been possible to check all possible meets so there may be a number of records missed. If you come across an error or omission please pass this information on to the Registrar. Anyone who can assist with results they feel are potential short course records should contact the Registrar.