Swimming ACT Board

Swimming ACT is managed by  Board of Directors. The Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is generally held on the 4th Wednesday in May each year.


The Elected Directors elect one of their number to be President of Swimming ACT.


In addition to the Elected Directors the Board can appoint two further Directors to sit on the Board.


Current Board:

Bob Alford - President

Lorraine Wuth

Bruce Whitby

Michael Thorne

Amanda Phillips

Michelle Ciaccia

Supported by

Sandra McBryde - Treasurer


The Board generally meets monthly although it can and has met between scheduled meetings in order to deal with matters as required.

Summary of Board Meetings

A summary of Board meetings is prepared and distributed to clubs. Recent summaries can be found below.


21 July 2021

18 August 2021

15 September 2021

17 November 2021

16 March 2022


General Meetings and Annual General Meetings

23 February 2022 General Meeting Minutes