ACT Squads and Selection Information
Updated 6 January 2017

6 January 2018
Swimming ACT 2018 Squad Selection Criteria including the selection criteria for the 2018 Brophy team.

25 March 2016
Swimming ACT 2016 Squad Selection Criteria including the selection criteria for the 2016 Brophy team.

9 January 2013
Swimming ACT 2013 Squad Selection Criteria are available for information.

21 December 2011
Swimming ACT 2012 Squad Selection Criteria are available for information.

Swimming ACT has a number of squads that provide a pathway for swimmers towards higher-level Swimming NSW, Swimming Australia and AIS Squads. In 2011 the following Swimming ACT Squads will be selected:

1 March 2011:
Speedo Sprint Finals

Swimming ACT will be represented by a team of 65 swimmers at the Finals of the Speedo Sprint Series to be held at SOPAC on Sunday March 13. Congratulations to all our finalists. Please check out the list of our finalists below:

Swimming ACT 2011 Team for Speedo Sprint Finals

Burley Griffin: Tyler Brown, Rachel Crawford and Courtney Taylor

Canberra: Tyler Beecher, Rachel Brown, Yi Lerk Chin, Peeter Mirlieb, Tegan Roberts, Harrison Smith, Kristofor Tengstrom and Bonnie Zhang

Ginninderra: Casey Abel, Samual Dobb, Grace Hoitink, Nicholas Newton, Daniel Pelkowitz, Chelsea Stewart, Pyper Thornberry, Bradley Tuck and Tyler Williams

Goulburn: Hannah Cummins and James Greenlees

Queanbeyan Leagues: Andrew Catchpole, Claire Molineux, Lachlan Osborne, Klaas Pichelmann, Jacob Schuler, Amy Sokic, Bella White and Charlotte White

CRUIZ: Leaha Bunt

Telopea: James Hanson, Nicholas Lawlis, Cormac Pearson, Xavier Pearson, Mark Rusanov and Bobbie Su

Tuggeranong Vikings: Luis Alarcon, Nicholas Barclay, Demi Brinkley, Alexis Cross, Andrea Forshaw, Emma Gillingham, Breana Gilroy, Joshua Silk-Jones, Jack Kilrain, Dante Leydon, Rebekah McCoy, Gabrielle Scarth-Johnson, Bryce Svensson, Grace Turnbull, and Milla Wolf

Woden: Elijah Gatica, Oliver Holdway, Ethan Lowey-McDonald, Shannon Maloney, Isabella Marinelli, Ebony Norris, Phoebe Ross, Jackson Savage, Keely Small, Madaleine Thomas-Beck, Jasmine Thornton, Mason Thornton, Harrison Webster, and Samantha Young

25 November 2010:

Squad Selection Criteria is available for information.

More detail on the programs and competition likely to be provided to the Development Squads in 2011 will be published here when available. It will provide general information in the proposed 2011 program outline for each squad.

There are also two other teams that represent the ACT at the following meets:

James Brophy Memorial Meet

This team is selected to compete at against other invited Areas from NSW. More information about the Brophy Meet will be published click when available.

How is the ACT Brophy Team selected?

20 February 2011:
Swimmers who won a medal in their current age group at the current summer season NSW Age Championship or the NSW State Open championships (or equivalent) over distances of 50m, 100, or 200m may not compete in either an individual or team relay event in that particular stroke.

Check out the selection criteria listed on 25 November 2010 above for further information on how the ACT Brophy Team is selected.

Speedo Sprints

The Speedo Sprint Series is a statewide series of meets for swimmers aged 8-13 years. Heats are held in various Areas throughout NSW & the ACT in February each year. The finals are held in March each year at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC).

How is the ACT Speedo Team selected?

Information on how the ACT Speedo Finals Team is selected wil be published here when available.