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Complete Meet Results

This page links to the Meet Results pages for all seasons for which we have results.  Results are available for most ACT meets back to September 1997.  Click on the relevant link below to download the results for previous seasons.

Our Meet Results section is gradually being brought up to date, so please bear with us as we gradually add the Meets missing from the list below.  We are currently up to date with results back to April 2000.

Winter 2004 (and winter 2003 and Summer 2003-04) results can be downloaded by following the links and save the files into your local hard disk. To view downloaded results: first double click on the self extracting file, then press "unzip" to unzip all files to your local hard disk (a folder name starts with "Swimming ACT... Results" is automatically generated in your C drive), then go to that folder, double click on the file with a name starts with AA... This AA.. file lists all results, follow the links within this file (click on any results, open and view). If you have any difficulty in finding any results, please email the Webmaster.

Completed Results:
Summer Results Winter Results
Summer 2018/19 Winter 2018
Summer 2017/18 Winter 2017
Summer 2016/17 Winter 2016
Summer 2015/16 Winter 2015
Summer 2014/15 Winter 2014
Summer 2013/14 Winter 2013
Summer 2012/13 Winter 2012
Summer 2011/12 Winter 2011
Summer 2010/11 Winter 2010
Summer 2009/10 Winter 2009
Summer 2008/09 Winter 2008
Summer 2007/08 Winter 2007
Summer 2006/07 Winter 2006
Summer 2005/06 Winter 2005
Summer 2004/05 Winter 2004
Summer 2003/04 Winter 2003
Summer 2002/03 Winter 2002
Summer 2001/02 Winter 2001
Summer 2000/01 Winter 2000

Incomplete Results:

If you are aware of any Meets attended by ACT-registered swimmers that are NOT listed, please e-mail our webmaster ( !

Please note that all results listed for NSW and Australian Swimming Meets are shown here for convenience only.  For official results, be sure to visit NSW Swimming or Australian Swimming.