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16 November 2018 - A reminder to all Parents, Coaches and Swimmers

Technically the area between the stands and the edge of the pool is out of bounds to all bar the officials. Rule SW10.17 states that:

Unauthorised persons shall not be permitted in those areas of the pool designated for competition, for the swimmers or officials for the duration of any competition.
Given the constraints associated with movement within the various pools in the ACT where competitions are held it is recognised that it is necessary for spectators, coaches and swimmers to have access to these areas. However this access is strictly limited to allow movement to other areas of the pool. It is not to be used by parents, coaches or swimmers to walk up and down the pool to encourage swimmers competing in a race.

It would be appreciated if parents, coaches and swimmers comply with this rule. Those who do not comply may be warned by the Meet Director and repeat offenders may be asked to leave the pool precincts.

15 November 2018
Please check your entries on the entry list for the Canberra Christmas Classic being held on the weekend of 24-25 November. If there are any issues or corrections email Canberra ASC Race Secretary at cbraasc@gmail.com with the details by 10:00pm on Friday 16 November. Changes made after that time will not be reflected in the printed program.

In addition, if a swimmer will be withdrawing from all or some of their entered events please notify the Canberra ASC Race Secretary as soon as possible.

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