Swimming ACT Meet Results for Winter 2017

  26 October 2017
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Please remember to send a copy of Meet Manger Backup files of any meet you attended to Swimming ACT Registrar at registrar@swimmingact.com.au for recognition and to be included in top 10.

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 20 June 2017:
Results for the Ginninderra Winter Short Course Carnival held on 17-18 June at the AIS by event (with splits), club, MM and TM.

5 June 2017 [updated 26 October 2017]:
Results for the meets held on Sunday 4 June at the AIS:
Development: by event, club, MM, TM and results by swimmer with Series points.
Distance: by event, club

29 May 2017:
Results for the Tuggeranong Vikings Qualifying Meet held on 27-28 May at the AIS by event (with splits), club, MM and TM.

30 April 2017:
Results for the Development meet meets held on Sunday 30 April at the AIS: by event (with splits), club, MM and TM.


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