2005 Speedo Sprint Finals Update: March 16, 2005

The Speedo Spint finals are this Sunday, March 20.

The meet will be held at SOPAC (Homebush).

Warmup starts at 7.30 am with the meet to start at 8.30 am.

Steve Young (Woden) has advised that he would assist those ACT participants who do not have a coach present on the day.

All ACT participants/families are encouraged to congregate in the same area (seating closest to the main entry on the lefthand side when looking at the main score board.

Swim well & good luck.

Any enquiries to Rod Hore on 6294-1423 or 0419621465.

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ACT swimmers competiing at the Speedo Sprint Finals are:
Alexander Slockee
Alissa Doran
Amanda Clifford
Amy Dunn
Anika Buckley
Antonio Barbaro
Ashleigh Streatfield
Ben Pattenden
Ben Treffers
Benjamin Trabinger
Casey-Lee Collins
Chelsea Brodie
Chloe Yin
Ciaran Plenty
Claire Nicholls
Craig Stratton
Declan Moore
Don Rocha
Elizabeth Gregory
Elizabeth Philippa
Elle Pattenden
Ganan Yin
George Pulley
Georgia Hardy
Huw Warmenhoven
Jacob Randell
Jayden Malala
Jonathon Slockee
Joss Whitford
Justin Trabinger
Lachlan Trabinger
Miranda Cowley
Nicholas Honey
Nicholas McClelland
Nicholas Otevrel
Rachael Goldstein
Rhys Elton
Sam Lane
Samantha Prothero
Samantha Young
Sarah Baker
Sarah Burford
Sarah Naco
Timothy Sheppard
Zoe Castles

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