2005 ACT Speedo Sprint Finalists

20 March 2005 at SOPAC
Swimmers attending the finals (as at 20 February, 2005)

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed at the ACT heats of the Speed Sprint Series. It was great to see some many good times an PB achieved at the meet on February 12.

Below is the list of swimmers who have indicated that they will be going to Sydney for the finals on March 20. If your name appears below and you will not be attending the finals please contact Rod Hore (62941423) as soon as possible so that another swimmers can be nominated in your place if at all possible.

This page will be updated with information as it comes to hand for swimmers and their parents attending the meet.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who will be representing our district at the finals in Sydney:

Name                  Club
Alexander Slockee     Telopea
Alissa Doran          Telopea
Amanda Clifford       Telopea
Amy Dunn              Woden
Anika Buckley         Ginninderra
Antonio Barbaro       Ginninderra
Ashleigh Streatfield  Tuggeranong Vikings           
Ben Pattenden         Tuggeranong Vikings           
Ben Treffers          Burley Griffin                
Benjamin Trabinger    Tuggeranong Vikings           
Casey-Lee Collins     Telopea
Chelsea Brodie        Tuggeranong Vikings           
Chloe Yin             Ginninderra
Ciaran Plenty         Woden
Claire Nicholls       Ginninderra
Craig Stratton        Queanbeyan Leagues            
Declan Moore          Telopea
Don Rocha             Woden
Elizabeth Gregory     Telopea
Elizabeth Philippa    Tuggeranong Vikings           
Elle Pattenden        Telopea
Ganan Yin             Ginninderra
George Pulley         Telopea
Georgia Hardy         Woden
Huw Warmenhoven       Ginninderra
Jacob Randell         Woden
Jayden Malala         Woden
Jonathon Slockee      Telopea
Joss Whitford         Centre for Sports Development
Justin Trabinger      Tuggeranong Vikings           
Lachlan Trabinger     Tuggeranong Vikings           
Michaela Leonard      Tuggeranong Vikings           
Miranda Cowley        Centre for Sports Development
Nicholas Honey        Canberra
Nicholas McClelland   Centre for Sports Development
Nicholas Otevrel      Centre for Sports Development
Rachael Goldstein     Telopea
Rhys Elton            Queanbeyan Leagues            
Sam Lane              Woden
Samantha Prothero     Woden
Samantha Young        Woden
Sarah Baker           Centre for Sports Development
Sarah Burford         Woden
Sarah Naco            Centre for Sports Development
Srecko Antoski        Tuggeranong Vikings           
Timothy Sheppard      Woden
Zach Bowden           Queanbeyan Leagues            
Zoe Castles           Burley Griffin                

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