ACT Swimming Brophy Information: March 10, 2005

Brophy is now only days away. Congratulations to the swimmers who have been selected for the team.

Saturday BBQ

All team members are expected to attend the BBQ to be held on Saturday evening, March 12, at the Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre, Belconnen. Team shirts will be handed out at the BBQ. Families of the team are welcome to attend this social event. As other districts will arrive from 5.00 pm, it would assist arrangements if ACT swimmers could be present from 4.00 pm, before the arrival of other swimmers. The BBQ will be finished by 6.30 pm.

If you are unable to make the BBQ on Saturday please let Judy McLeod know as soon as possible if you have not already do so.

At the Meet

All team members are required to wear their team shirt on Sunday at the meet. Team managers will distribute the ACT swim caps when you check in.

ACT team members are expected to be at the meet for its duration to both compete and support fellow ACT team members. Warm-up is at 8.00 am and all swimmers are asked to ensure that they are at the pool, in the team area (floor plan with team areas marked will be on display at the BBQ) and ready to warm up by this time. The meet is expected to finish at approximately 3.30/4.00 pm.

Other Matters

There is no seating available for parents/supporters in the area allocated to the ACT team. There maybe scattered seating in areas allocated to other districts.

Parents are encouraged to assist with the running of the meet. Any parent who is able to help as an official or in selling T-shirts, entry tickets, programs, raffle tickets, setting up and packing up and general running of the meet is asked to contact Judy McLeod on 62542386. All assistance will be gratefully appreciated.

All swimmers will have an opportunity to purchase a special James Brophy T-shirt, distinctive from the ACT team shirt. These will be available at the BBQ as will entry tickets to the pool and programs.

Entry to the pool will be $5.50 (pre-purchased) or $6.00 on the day, per competitor. Spectators will be $4.50 (pre-purchased) or $5.00 on the day. Non-competing Children under 7 years are free.

Programs will be sold for $5.00 each.

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The 2005 Brophy Team

Samantha Aitchison
Srecko Antoski
Sam Axelsen
Nicolas Bacon
Bart Badalassi
Sarah Baker
Brendan Banfield
Antonio Barbaro
Emma Barrett
Simon Branston
Tom Brewer
Anika Buckley
Sarah Burford
Zoe Castles
Brianna Charteris
Rowena Charteris
Kashaerelle Clarke
Amanda Clifford
Casey-Lee Collins
Natasha Cossetto
Miranda Cowley
Hannah Cullen
Matthew D'Arcy
Alissa Doran
Michelle Doyle
Rhys Elton
Dax Foster
Sarah Friend
Geoff Godkin
Liz Gregory
Alannah Grimm
Christopher Hall-Travini
Georgia Hardy
Luke Harvey
Kate Hawes
Luke Hinchcliffe
Nicky Honey
Teagan Hore
Elly James
Molly Kamenz
Katie Lonergan
Jayden Malala
Haydn Marsh
Eamonn McGill
Kiernan McGill
Declan Moore
Sarah Naco
Mitchell Nemec
Claire Nicholls
Nicholas Otevrel
Ben Pattenden
Elle Pattenden
Ciaran Plenty
David Pollock
Erin Priestly
Samantha Prothero
Jacob Randell
Cassandra Reid
Don Rocha
Imogen Schiwy
Alexander Slockee
Jonathon Slockee
Daudi Somi
Craig Stratton
Jackie Suryadi
Carly Symons
Jackson Taylor-Grant
Sebastian Tazreiter
Stewart Thompson
Justin Trabinger
Lachlan Trabinger
Claire Warmenhoven
Huw Warmenhoven
Joss Whitford
Tiffany Williams
Stephanie Wise
Chloe Yin
Ganan Yin
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