2005 ACT Champions

[Added March 9, 2005]

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2005 ACT Championships which were held at the Tuggeranong Lakeside Leisure Centre on Friday March 4 to Sunday March 6, 2005. It was great to see so many swimmers achieve PBs.

The age champions have now been determined.

The womens club pointscore was taken out by Telopea with Tuggeranong Vikings coming out on top for the men.

  Women Men
   Place    ClubPoints ClubPoints
1 Telopea3,527 Tuggeranong Vikings3,542
2 Tuggeranong Vikings2,338 Telopea2,649
3 Woden1,212 Ginninderra904
4 Ginninderra1,176 Canberra707
5 Centre for Sports Development1,026 Woden665
6 Burley Griffin361 Queanbeyan Leagues600
7 Canberra301 Centre for Sports Development525
8 Goulburn143 Goulburn521
9 Queanbeyan Leagues108 Burley Griffin296

Age Champions

Age group Men Women
8 & underLachlan Trabinger (Tuggeranong Vikings) Anika Buckley (Ginninderra)
9 yearsDeclan Moore (Canberra) Stephanie Wise (Canberra)
10 yearsJonathon Slockee (Telopea) Brianna Charteris (CSD)
11 yearsGavin Scott (Ginninderra) Katie Lonergan (Telopea)
12 yearsMitchell Nemec (Telopea) Erin Priestly (Ginninderra)
13 yearsGeorge Pulley (Telopea) Heather Middleton (Telopea)
14 yearsYoichi Kobayashi (Telopea) Natasha Cossetto (Tuggeranong Vikings)
15 yearsHaydn Marsh (Telopea) Elly James (Telopea)
16 yearsBen Grady (Tuggeranong Vikings) Sophie Andriolo (Telopea)
17 yearsAdam Bingham (Tuggeranong Vikings) Emma Fitzgibbon (Telopea)
18 & overKiernan McGill (Telopea) Jenna Priestly (Ginninderra)

Congratulations to Erin Priestly who broke the 12 years girls 50m freestyle Resident Record again, having set the previous mark at the AIS International in mid February.

To everyone who contributed to the running of the meet a huge "Thank you", especially the crew who worked so hard on checking out the timing equipment. The problems we had were no fault of the pre meet checking.

Throughout the weekend there was a very willing crew who kept the meet ticking over. To all the officials, thank you for the time you gave to the meet and your contribution. To the time keepers: an army may march on its stomach but a meet marches on timekeepers (and the galant, reliable catering crew, too ... without whom no meet would be the same). Thanks you one and all from ACT Swimming.

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